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Back in Nani house…

… like it was 25 years ago!

Summer Vacations…. Brings back memories of all cousins getting together at nani house for 2 months;

 of sweet sweet watermelons and mangoes;

of silly and creative games that the 5 of us designed;

of nani finally pulling her hair and asking our mom’s to take us from there 😀

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of those two months spent in nani house. And we (me and didi) keep telling stories of our mischiefs during those two months to Nandini. How nana used to put up a big swing in the quadrangle and all of us used to be on it at the same time! How Bittu mama and mummy used to make a boat of bedsheet and all three of us (me, sonu maasi and chinu maasi) used to sit inside it and cross the imaginary river running between rooms :). Ah! I wish those days, when imaginary tea served in toy cups tasted amazing, would never have ended!

And right now in Nandini’s childhood, we have the opportunity to recreate similar experiences for her and since there are no other kids, the chance to relive our childhood :).

We are back in nani house. Nani has made all the sweets to welcome the gang and nanu brings sweet sweet summer fruits everyday when all we want is a different ice cream for each day :P. But he still tries.

Nani house is so meant to be the big open place with lots of space to run around and create a new problem for nani every second J though this time maasi and mummy are keeping a little tab on them 😛

Every day is a day for a new activity… Making doll house using empty cartons and paper shopping bags… learning gardening and planting new seeds; every day we take our picnic basket out in the park. Some days nanu takes us for excursions outside and also some trekking!

summer vacations fun

Fun times at nani house during summer vacations!

I’m loving it! 😀

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4 days in the tropical gem – Sri Lanka

We have been thinking of going on a group trip since sometime. RGs wedding couldn’t have been at a better time! Since everyone was meeting up for the wedding, it was easy to extend the vacation. I don’t remember if it took long or short to decide, we finally agreed upon Sri Lanka.

And the trip was almost cancelled just 10 days before when Sri Lankan airlines cancelled the flight and gave an alternate option for 3 days later. After almost 3 days of constant fight with cleartrip and SriLankan airlines all the tickets were back in order. 🙂

On 6th Feb, we left for our 4-day trip to the tear-drop island. We didn’t have any itinerary fixed except for the hotel on 6th night as were landing at 10:00pm. The itinerary developed as the trip progressed. Continue reading

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Venice of the North

BelgiumBrussels was more of a touch and go. We had planned just a day in Brussels but getting lazy at Amsterdam didn’t leave us with much time. We reached Brussels around 7 in the evening. Luckily during summers the light stays till around 9pm, which gave us enough time to enjoy the medieval architecture of the city centre or the Grand Place. Later we just moved from one café to another within the city centre trying out different beers and Belgium chocolates. Next morning roamed at the local market, had waffle breakfast and bought some amazing Belgium chocolates at Pierre Marcolini before heading for Brugge.
Brugge, rightly called the ‘Venice of the North’, was the surprise discovery of this trip. We had no plans, no idea of this place. Though, we later learnt it was one of the most popular tourist sites in Belgium, if not Europe. Went there on friend’s suggestion and were delighted by the charms of the old city. An old town refusing to adapt to modern times and still set in the pre-motorised times. No wonder the entire historic town centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. The people of Brugge have done everything to preserve the medieval city. Cosy little town, to spend a romantic weekend. Narrow cobblestone roads, horse drawn carriages, canals, boats, museums, cafes, beer and chocolate. The city centre can easily be explored on foot. Maps are available at the station and post offices. We walked all along the canal, enjoying the historic buildings and the chocolate shops all along the roads ☺. Now and then a carriage will pass you with a couple enjoying a romantic ride. Since it was a Saturday, the local flea market was also one of the major attractions. For evening, get comfortable in one of the cafes/restaurants at Market Square or Burg and enjoy some Belgium beer and performance at the square if the weather is good. We only had half a day to explore this beauty but Brugge has enough to fill more than a couple of days.

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Off we go..

“Explorers are we, intrepid and bold,
Out in the wild, amongst wonders untold.
Equipped with our wits, a map, and a snack,
We’re searching for fun and we’re on the right track!”

– Bill Watterson, The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

euro-trip How excited we were when we moved to Scotland last year. We thought we’ll explore Europe in our own time and not rush though it in a 15 days tour. But well looks like that is exactly what’s in store for us. We had made big plans of exploring each country one by one. It’s almost been a year here now and we haven’t even seen the island properly leave alone the mainland. We just couldn’t plan a vacation early enough to get a visa in time! Now when we need to pack up everything in a month’s time and leave, we wake up 🙂 Calls to different embassies to find out which country can give us a visa in a week’s time and then some quick random trip planning to show at the consulate. In the week that followed we booked our hostels, train tickets and explored a little on places to see and things to do. Finally, today we got our visa and we are off on our Euro-trip on thursday! I’ll try to post our stories as and when I get some net access!

Till then a happy journey to us and good bye to all..

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