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Day 3: Ganapati Pule to Goa: Continuing on India’s route 1

“It’s not the destination but the glory of the ride!”

(This is my diary entry from 21st August after we reached Goa…)

Today we had a destination in mind! And as we were leaving Ganapati Pule, we were pretty excited about reaching Goa at the end of the day but the journey from Ganapati Pule to Goa via the coastal roads (not the highway) was so beautiful that we forgot about the destination fairly soon!

If the drive from Bombay to Ganapati Pule was the cake, the drive from Ganapati Pule to Goa was the icing of the cake… Almost 5 years ago we had done a road trip along Route 1 in California and today’s drive reminded us of just that. The day started with some silent meditation and a dip in the ocean at Ganapati Pule. After a regular breakfast we left around 9:30am…As soon as we left Ganapati Pule and turned towards Ratnagiri, the road became parallel to the ocean! For a few minutes we were on a road cut into a mountain with walls on each side and suddenly as we turn left, we are right next to the ocean. And we stopped. Click click.

road trip along India's west coast, Ganapati Pule to Goa road trip, Bombay to Goa road trip

as we started we were on a road cut through a mountain with walls on both sides..

Ganapati Pule to Goa road trip, road trip on India's west coast, drive along arabian ocean

slowly the road turned and we were next to the ocean!

After 10 minutes we were at a high point on the road and we stopped. Click click.

In the next 45 minutes we had hardly covered 10 kms. The view was just so amazing that we would stop every few kms and take pictures. After that we kept to taking pictures from the car itself.

It was today that we had the best tea in our entire trip at a small village called Katradeviwadi. The chai had beautiful cardamom flavours and the guy gave us some vadas and bhajias along with it. When I told him that this was very tasty tea and if he added cardamom for us, he said this is his usual tea. And imagine 2 cups of tea, 2 plates of bhajia, 1 plate of vada and 1 packet of glucose biscuit – all for Rs. 20!

We discovered a beautiful temple on the coast – kunteshwar. Near malvan region, we gave lift to a gift economy astronomer – Omkaar. We found a snorkeling destination called tarkarli. We had a malvan sea-food thali for lunch and instead of evening tea we had a tender coconut water break at Guhagar beach!

Elliot said it well “The journey, not the arrival, matters”

For the entire route we were surrounded by shades of green and blue. As we went up the mountains, the road was flanked with forests on both sides; at the top there were grasslands as far as the eye could see and at times we had the ocean along us on one side and forest on another :).


While, no words or pictures can do justice to the experience; I can just try to share a part of it through some. (click on any one to start the slideshow)



21st August 2013, Miramar beach, Goa

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Day 2: Mumbai to Ganapati Phule- india’s route 1

Loaded with a heavy breakfast, we left Mumbai by around 8am. We started on NH17, which is the usual route from Mumbai to Goa. While NH17 itself is beautiful with paddy fields all along and mountains in the distance, we soon took a narrower lane off it. Road trip is not about trucks and toll roads. 🙂
We turned into a road (after wadpale) going up into the ghats and how beautiful was the whole way! The road meandered with the mountains. We felt like getting down every 100mts.. It was a road to cruise through slowly.
And no cars or trucks in the vicinity.. Nobody to follow us, nobody whom we followed. The villages also came far and between. And to top it all, it started drizzling 🙂
We rolled down our windows and soaked in nature’s abundance on both sides. Its amazing how creepers turn the entire forest green, be it the trunk of trees or the roots hanging from banyan trees or some pole, they wind over everything as if everything is made of leaves and everything is green!
And then we also went in two ferries, with our car! I was so excited about driving the car into the ferry and driving it out :).
Finally we reached Ganpati Phule just about 20 mins ago. A distance that is 6 hrs by highway, we covered in 11 hrs but with a lot more moments to celebrate.
Every scene was a photo worth taking. And we did stop at quite a few but many will stay etched in our memory…
Right now my phone net is pretty slow so I would leave the photos out from the post and stay with the text.. the photos shall follow.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂

20 august 2013, 8:21pm, MTDC Resort, Ganapati Phule

22/08/2013: Reached Goa (Day 3 post shall follow).. having breakfast at a cafe with wifi; while Sikander is busy finding a room for tonight, I got busy sorting some pictures.. Here’s a snapshot of our drive from Mumbai to Ganapati Pule along India’s western coast:

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Before we go…

travel quotes, travel for travels sake, road trip, Vadodara travels

I travel not to go anywhere, but to GO.

It’s time to move again. And this time it’s Africa! As excited as we are about the move to a new country, actually a whole new continent and exploring its treasures; we are also sad, at the same time, about leaving India. We have yet to explore so much in India itself. How do we prepare ourselves for a new place when we feel incomplete about leaving this place?

So we planned on taking a road trip… The whole of August, traveling in the North, was the original idea. But well, as they say, Man proposes and God disposes… Between meeting family & friends, work and visa work, the trip could only start today. It’s not a month long either. One week on the road, no bookings, no agenda. The only two known things are that we start and end in Baroda and that we turn back from Goa… In between we will stop anywhere we feel like, spend the night wherever the night falls and take each day as it comes to us…
This is the diary of the coming 7 days 🙂

[I will be writing the actual diary every night but whether it gets posted on that day or not depends entirely on availability of net connection!] Here goes Day 1!

Vadodara to Mumbai road trip

Day1 (19 August’13): Last night we came back from Ahmedabad at around midnight… So we woke up easy in the morning… Only after the morning tea and breakfast at around 10am, did we set the gears in action. At one point over tea we even contemplated of going tomorrow! [I’m glad we left it at contemplation :)]. But after some very quick and a bit haphazard packing we left Baroda by 12:15pm.

By 4 we had crossed over into Maharashtra. At a town called Manor (originally called Manohar) there was a big hoarding about a new highway (saying “save money and take the new 4-lane highway from Manor to Panvel!”). So we took it… Turned out to be not the best of decisions :). The road is only partially made (about 1/4th the distance) and the rest is pretty bad. Sikander said they have started advertising the road at Manor so that people take it and the toll money collected will then be used to make the remaining sections :). Parts of the road are very beautiful; cutting through lush green forests…

Vadodara to Mumbai road trip,

The new highway to Panvel that cuts from Manor…

At one toll plaza Sikander refused to pay the toll, saying that it was nothing but potholes and he drove at 10kms/ hr speed through the entire section so he doesn’t feel that the toll is justified. And I was quite impressed when without much argument the toll operator actually let us pass giving us a “pass by exemption” :D! Awesome!

We reached Bhiwandi by 5:30pm and the real ordeal started from there on. Bombay is an ocean of people! We were thinking if there was any possible way of not entering Bombay but given how the city keeps expanding the earlier bypass is now part of the city… It took us almost 3 hours to reach Panvel from Bhiwandi. By then we were pretty tired by the traffic itself and decided to call it a day. So here we are at the end of day1 at Vashi.

As we entered our room the canvas behind the bed had a picture which said “Goa”! Is that where the road is taking us tomorrow?

Road trip from Vadodara, Vadodara to Mumbai road trip, Vadodara to Goa road trip, Goa

Frame in our hotel room.. is it trying to give us a clue? 🙂

We shall soon find out 🙂 Till then, Good night.


19/08/2013 23:55 pm, Hotel Yogi Executive, Vashi, Mumbai

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Every time I hit that “publish” button…

Today my mind was on fire with ideas of things to post about on this blog.. and I knew I had to jot those ideas down else I will soon forget them. During my recent visit to Gurgaon, I saw my sister still carried a diary in her bag which she used to write random thoughts that came to her mind during the day.. When I asked her “Why don’t you use your phone for that purpose”; she replied saying “because I feel I should write otherwise we never actually write down anything”. And I totally agree with her, a lot of times I feel I’ve forgotten how to write.. Once when I was in 4th standard I had come 3rd in a calligraphy content in school and right now I’m ashamed to tell that to anyone because if they see my handwriting now, pple will say I’m joking!

So I decided to write down those thoughts in a diary.. and I knew I had a new, small handmade diary somewhere. While searching for the new diary, I found an old treasure!! I found my travel journal during our Brazil and Europe trip in 2008. It was so much fun reading those entries now; it was almost like revisiting those places.. I was back in the Rio carnival dancing to samba tunes; I was back in Brussels tasting amazing chocolate flavours at Pierre Marcolini; I was back in Paris being astonished by the Greek gods and other exhibits in the Louvre.. Oh! I can’t express the joy of reading the diary again :). Anyway, so it was during that time that I had finalised the idea of this blog and I actually have an entry on the day my blog went live.. I smiled on reading that entry.. how excited I was …just like a child who has found a new toy :). Here’s the first entry that I wrote about this virtual diary in my real diary almost 4 years ago!


Even to this day every post on this blog is an excitement for me…. Every time after hitting that publish button; I have this anxiety that whether people will want to read, what I wrote? Whether what I wrote is good enough? Writing didn’t come naturally to me and that one of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog because I wanted to learn it! Earlier I used to spend a lot of time over each post, trying to get the language correct but now it’s become easier… I guess it does get easy with time. I realised it’s okay to make mistakes in language as far as you are writing something that you want to share… that you would like to read if someone else had written it on their blog.

How do you feel when you hit that ‘publish’ button on anything? Would love to read your experience 🙂

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