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You’ve got snail mail!

In this age of ultra-fast communication, some crazy people are still following snail’s pace; writing letters to family and friends; letters to self and even letters to strangers! …leaving parts of themselves here and there.

Writing a letter is so much more than just communicating what you wish to say.

I want to imagine the journey of the letter I received, here. You wished to send me your thoughts in writing. You then took out a nice paper and a pen that brings out your best handwriting or maybe you wanted to send something in color! So you looked for your favorite color pen.

letter writing, snail mail, journey of a letter

some letters I was surprised with!

The letter begins with:

Dear Ashima,

And then the pen stops in mid-air. You want to think clearly; what it is the you exactly want to say before writing it down [after all there is no delete button]. The thinking doesn’t really work 🙂 and you say “let it just flow”. Pen touches paper again and words come alive on the paper. There are some crosses; at some places the whole sentences is crossed out and you’ve really covered it well in ink so that I can’t make out what was written! 😀 At some places there is text in between the lines.. something you thought of adding afterwards? And soon the letter ends.

Love, your friend ….

Oh! Something was left out and there comes a P.S.

The letter was then folded neatly (sometimes into 3, somtimes  4) and put inside an envelope. Then comes the question of address. At times you called me for my “exact postal address” but there was also a time when you wanted it to be a surprise so you “guessed” it!

[Yes it’s true 🙂 It happened just like that with me when Mihika decided to send me a surprise letter for my birthday and guessed what my address should be. She got parts of it right and I still think it was awesome of the postal department to deliver it! ]

And now the stamps. The trip to the nearest post office; finding out the exact value of stamps required for the letter; asking the lady at the counter “how long will it take”; contemplating buying additional stamps; licking the back of the stamp; pasting it on the envelope and making the last drop into the letter box.

And then begins the wait. Patience lasts up to the answer the lady gave at the post office. After that you start waiting for that call or message which said “I got your letter!”. Wondering if the letter got lost on the way 😮

And finally the call comes! “The mail today brought it something more than just subscriptions and bills. It brought you!”

It brought a piece of you for me to keep and cherish.

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