My first recipe Video!

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

I need to adopt this as my new mantra. I actually wrote it on a post it and stuck it under my desk mat long time ago but somehow it got under some stuff and only today I brought it back out so I can see it clearly everyday. 

It always seems impossible until its done

So today I am feeling like I did the impossible! I have been giving myself plenty fo reasons to convince that recipe videos are impossible for me but today I finally hit that “Publish” button on YouTube! It is big for me, at least at this moment. 

I started food blogging just out of a desire to share recipes. I love cooking and I believe everyone can cook and everyone should cook. Cooking is not a chore but a wonderful offering to family.  I am not the activist kind but I thought maybe sharing easy recipes will encourage at least friends and family. My blog is kind of my bit in bringing back home cooking but slowly it became more than a hobby.

It became an avenue to learn so many things — Food writing, food photography, website making, troubleshooting, SEO, Social Media… the list is endless. The learning never stops because well new things keep coming up and old things keep changing :).

I don’t monetise my blog, simply because I don’t want it to become a job and also I don’t like websites showered with advertisements. But I do want more people coming to my blog and so I learn and unlearn and I relearn about SEO. With more and more food bloggers out there, they continuously redefine the scene. “The world is moving to video”, they say!

I have resisted recipe videos for so long. First I am not at all comfortable with my face being on camera but then came the “talking hands” recipe videos which solved that problem. But videos always seemed very difficult to me, they still do. I have no clue of shooting a video, a setup for videos, the amount of planning required and then editing will be another game altogether! My kitchen is too small with the stove tucked in a corner that shooting there wasn’t a possibility. So I said, “I am fine without videos.”

But then a friend kept on saying, you have to do food videos. I will help you but just click your first one. And I was like, but all the food bloggers have channels with 100+ videos! But then he said, imagine someone coming to your food blog and saying she already has 100+ recipes, I can’t start a new food blog now with one recipe! And I realised that was me many years ago! but I did start a food blog when there were many already.

So I finally did a video. I created a mini setup in my living room. Decided on the simplest of recipes that didn’t have too many ingredients or steps and shot!

recipe video setup in teh living room of a food blogger

Went to YoutTube and looked for iMovie beginner tutorial videos. I spent most of my Sunday on learning the basics of iMovie (because that is the only free video editing software I have!) and then showed the result to a few friends. With some positive feedback, and a lot of nervousness, I finally uploaded it to YouTube today. Even creating a YouTube channel for the blog wasn’t that straight-forward! Here’s how my very first video looks like and I am right now staring at the same post-it which says, “It always seems impossible until its done.”

What do you think?


There will always be reasons to not do something, but find your one reason to do it.

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