10 lines on love

to zoya…


little bits of allah

frolicking here and there

spreading sunshine with smiles

telling the world to

“be happy, be joyous

life is beautiful

life is carefree”

holding out their little hands

“come dance with us

let us be love.”

I am currently reading Rumi: Bridge to the soul. In the book Coleman talks about his visit to Tehran with his friend and mentor Robert. During one of their city trips, they are in Hafiz’s tomb and there is a group of school children. Coleman says “Robert calls them little bits of allah”. Since then that phrase has stuck with me. It is so true so beautiful. I volunteer with kids here in Luanda and I realised the only reason I go there everyday is because I love these children. It is not to share my skills, it is not to give back to society, it is not to pass my time while I am here and do something good with it.. it is simply for love.

One of my favourite quotes on love (and that also connects with children) is by Gandhiji:

“The law of love can best be understood and learned through little children.”

How true is that….

In this world of emails and watsapp messages and viber calls, I feel lucky to have a pen-friend. We connected through our blogs and then we took the relationship offline. Sometime back she nominated me for a ‘blogging challenge’. Long time ago I had stopped taking up the blogging challenges and awards because somehow I could not connect with them. The idea of creating link backs and link forwards by nominating 10 more (some would have 15 or 20 more!). And then for each challenge to find the best match bloggers.. it used to take me almost a whole day and I decided to just step away from them. I think Madhu did realise that because she stopped nominating me 😛 until yesterday when she sent me an email about it. And this one was special.. It is for sharing love. How could I refuse her for that! I am honoured and grateful she thought of me for this one. And to her I want to gift my feeble attempt at 10 lines on love above. And also to Zoya, whose birthday it is today. She is the most fiery child I know 🙂

Post Script: So like most blogging challenges this one had some rules:

  1. Write about LOVE in ten lines of 4 words each (I tried my best to keep them 4 words each! )
  2. Share my favourite quote on love
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers (Madhu I am going to skip this one!)


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5 thoughts on “10 lines on love

  1. that is such a beautiful poem Ashima! 🙂 I love your gift completely!! 🙂
    “Little bits of allah”……that is very beautiful indeed!
    As for the blogging nominations, even I have become very selective these days, I accept only those which I can connect with…..anyways, I am glad you accepted this one 🙂
    And, convey my love & hugs to Zoya on her birthday 🙂
    P.S. I am so glad I found you 😀

  2. Beautiful lines 🙂

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