Day1: The first morning in South Africa :)

Our first stop in South  Africa  or rather I should say the starting point of our road trip is Durban. We arrived last night around 10pm. We had earlier planned to rent a car at the airport, stay the night at a hotel and start early morning the next day. But we were advised by many not to drive in durban at night so we took a taxi for the night. At 10pm there were just two taxis at the airport and everything seemed pretty dead.

There is a fundamental difference between me and sikander when it comes to holidays (even weekends!). On a holiday I love to get up early and then I have the whole day to myself. There is no work to be done. Sikander on the other hand loves to sleep in till as late as possible!


The view from our room in hilton, durban

So right now as I am sitting in the restaurant eating my breakfast, he is fast asleep :). We have decided to explore Durban a little in the morning and hit the road by 2 pm after having lunch.
Right now I can’t wait for him to get up and the trip to start πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Day1: The first morning in South Africa :)

  1. I can’t wait to read further about this trip……

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