New Year and a Resolution

It’s 31st December.  It’s again that time of the year when you start thinking about resolutions… earlier it used be what resolution should I make, something that actually stands a chance of lasting a year and now after many failed attempts it is more like whether I should take attempts a resolution at all. Practically speaking if I want to do something I don’t really need to wait for 1st January to start. If it’s something I need to do; doing it early should be good! 🙂

But then I learned about Shalini’s yearlong personal practice. She first reduced her wardrobe to single digit and then didn’t purchase anything for herself for a year. And I was amazed… I was thinking how difficult it must have been and I asked her so many questions! Later I was thinking will I be able to do it? and then I was thinking why do i think it will be difficult? I have enough clothes to last a year… In the hills I literally lived on 2 pairs of clothes for 2 weeks and 5 in all for 40 days then why do i think i can’t do it… and I was quite happy doing so but my mind did the usual tricks… what if you see something really good on sale… It won’t be there again… you are moving to Africa, there will be so much amazing stuff there to buy for yourself and then this year you are also going to US – the cheapest place to buy clothes! Now the last did tempt me… US trip happens in 2 or 3 years and having a resolution of not buying anything during that trip… hmmmm. .. mind was playing tricks again… maybe you can let go of it during that week, it said.

And just that thought convinced me that I need to do this. I need to do this to come face to face with my temptation to buy and accumulate… Over the years I had tried of giving one when a bought a new one but I haven’t really followed it diligently because when I was packing my clothes for moving to Angola, I realised it took up more space than I would have wanted it to.

I am starting with an intention of love towards myself. No new clothes.. It’s my new year gift to myself 🙂

Happy New Year! Happy new year, 2014, New Year Resolutions, New Year wishes,

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5 thoughts on “New Year and a Resolution

  1. That is one big resolution Ashima! But I am sure you can do this 🙂 My best wishes!!
    (P. S. I cannot even think of not buying clothes for 1 whole year 😛 )

    • Ashima

      Thanks Madhu! I hope it won’t be that difficult.. the very thought that I can’t do it for a year made me take that resolve 🙂 Lets hope temptation doesn’t get the better of me…

  2. that’s something!! All the best ..sounds very inspiring- but let me start with month by month first!! I’m not buying clothes in Jan 2014 (and its going to be tough as I just got married and have gift vouchers which I can use but will make my hubby use it) – thanks Ashima 🙂

    • Ashima

      awww….. Congratulations! 🙂 for starting a new life and also gifting your hubby all your gift vouchers! 😛

      Wish you all the best!

      The more I think about it, the more I feel I can do it. It will actually be very exciting to try and bring out new from the old. 🙂


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