For my new blogging nephews :)

23 September 2013; 6:56 am; Uttarakhand, India
This one is for zaenu and faaiz!
First a very very happy birthday to zaen 🙂
And then I wanted to say I am so so proud of both of you. I had so mich fun going around Agra and Delhi and learning and exploring the Indian history with the two of you. At first I had thought this might not interest you so much but “you guys were sic” ;).
Walking along in intense heat and still listening to the guide with full attention. And also asking questions! enjoyed, loved and learned from your questions :).
And then you wrote about it, which was such a pleasant surprise. I take liberty in believing that amma pushed you guys because of me :D. So I had little role in it 🙂
Love both the blogs: and
I shall be looking forward to more and more posts there! Writing is important because it takes you far and beyond the physical limitation of space. It connects you with interesting people and it also gives clarity to your thoughts… wish you both all the very best! May all your wishes come true.
Happy birthday to zaen again.
Love you lots
Ashima mami

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