Day 2: Mumbai to Ganapati Phule- india’s route 1

Loaded with a heavy breakfast, we left Mumbai by around 8am. We started on NH17, which is the usual route from Mumbai to Goa. While NH17 itself is beautiful with paddy fields all along and mountains in the distance, we soon took a narrower lane off it. Road trip is not about trucks and toll roads. 🙂
We turned into a road (after wadpale) going up into the ghats and how beautiful was the whole way! The road meandered with the mountains. We felt like getting down every 100mts.. It was a road to cruise through slowly.
And no cars or trucks in the vicinity.. Nobody to follow us, nobody whom we followed. The villages also came far and between. And to top it all, it started drizzling 🙂
We rolled down our windows and soaked in nature’s abundance on both sides. Its amazing how creepers turn the entire forest green, be it the trunk of trees or the roots hanging from banyan trees or some pole, they wind over everything as if everything is made of leaves and everything is green!
And then we also went in two ferries, with our car! I was so excited about driving the car into the ferry and driving it out :).
Finally we reached Ganpati Phule just about 20 mins ago. A distance that is 6 hrs by highway, we covered in 11 hrs but with a lot more moments to celebrate.
Every scene was a photo worth taking. And we did stop at quite a few but many will stay etched in our memory…
Right now my phone net is pretty slow so I would leave the photos out from the post and stay with the text.. the photos shall follow.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂

20 august 2013, 8:21pm, MTDC Resort, Ganapati Phule

22/08/2013: Reached Goa (Day 3 post shall follow).. having breakfast at a cafe with wifi; while Sikander is busy finding a room for tonight, I got busy sorting some pictures.. Here’s a snapshot of our drive from Mumbai to Ganapati Pule along India’s western coast:

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: Mumbai to Ganapati Phule- india’s route 1

  1. After reading your description of the roads you are travelling, I am looking forward for the pics. 🙂

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