Are you sure no-one lives on top of the cloud?

“…somewhere above an ocean we are flying past a vast white candy-floss island which would have made a perfect seat for an angel or even God himself in a painting by Piero della Francesca.”
-The Art of Travel, Alain de Botton

from the airplane windowRemember the childhood days when we used to make faces and shapes out of clouds? I used to believe that there exists a world above the clouds where the fairies live. And then I took my first flight. I looked outside the window and saw those huge cotton balls just floating along side me and there was no-one on top of them. If I wasn’t a little older, I would have actually went and asked my mom “Are you sure no one lives on these clouds? Do they just hide when humans come? Maybe we can’t see them and they are right there looking at us through the plane window” 🙂

Those were childish fantasies. But today I almost believed that those were true. That there was a world up here! The dense cloud cover resembled the surface of another planet. Can you believe this is nothing but water vapor? Can I really not sit on one of these!

A different world?

A different world?

A little further there were holes in the cover and tornado like cloud formations were coming out from those holes. It looked like a storm on the planet… And then the sun started coming down. The beauty and the explosion of colors in the sky was for our eyes only. White, grey, blue, purple, red, amber, golden, yellow, orange, black, green and a number of different shades. It was an artist’s delight. While I could hear many cameras (mine included) clicking, it would be impossible to capture what the eyes saw and the mind felt.

nature's pallette

Colors at sunset – nature’s palette

After a few unsuccessful attempts of capturing the scene in my phone camera, I just kept looking outside the window. My eyes could not eat enough of the view in front. With the setting sun, the scene was changing so fast. At first it was bright golden with the sun right in our eyes; slowly the colors dispersed, the grey and white clouds turned deep grey and then black like a smoke cloud. Gradually it grew darker and darker and then the night fell.

Suddenly the captain announced “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now starting our decent into Vadodara”. The tour into the world of clouds was over.

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3 thoughts on “Are you sure no-one lives on top of the cloud?

  1. Each time I am up in the air amongst the clouds, I am awestruck . How i wish to put my hand out of the window and touch the fluffy clouds!

  2. Ashima

    and how difficult it is to sometime believe that you can’t really “touch” it 🙂 That its just vapour!

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