Lies of our childhood

Never tell a lie (else your nose will extend like Pinocchio!). This was and still is a consistent teaching from my mother. But during this vacation, while trying to make my 5 year old niece eat her food, I realized that our childhood is full of lies.

why I lie to my kids

Oops! I swallowed a seed!

And as innocent we are as children, we believed in them. I don’t remember even once challenging them. Things like don’t eat the seeds of a fruit else you will have a plant growing inside. I still remember on days when I accidently swallowed a seed, I actually used to dream at night that there will be branches and leaves coming out of my ears and nose when I wake up.

Or don’t go outside the gate alone; there is a baba on the street who takes away children.

The maximum lies were in food items. I used to hate yellow moong dal and love yellow urad dal. To make me eat that moong dal , my mom said it’s chota urad (small urad dal) and after that I ate it.. Despite the fact that I still didn’t like it’s taste, just because it was the smaller version of a dal that I loved I ate it. And this is the lie that I believed in till I went to college and fellow students in the mess told me that there is nothing like a chota urad and that this is moong dal.

Then another one that I remember was for arbi (colocasia). She made me eat it saying it was potato! Though I am proud to say they weren’t able to fool us for baingan, lauki, torai, tinda etc (eggplant, bottle gourd, snake gourd etc) :D.

A recent retort by Nandini (my niece) to didi made me realise not only were we innocent, we were also outright stupid :).

Here’s the incident:

Didi: Nandini sit upright.

Nandini: No. I want to eat like this.

Didi: You should not eat while lying down.

Nandini: Why mama?

Didi: If you eat while lying down; all the food goes in the donkey’s stomach.

Nandini: It’s okay mama. Even the donkey should get to eat.

Lies parents tell to their children

It’s okay mama even the donkey should get to eat!

There was obviously no reply to this one and we all just started laughing. Laughing at her response or laughing at the fact that all through our childhood our mother was able to fool us with this! 🙂

And then there are the bigger lies of Tooth fairy and Santa Claus. Of course these lies were for our own good. I sort of agree to a fellow blogger’s argument that it’s not lying; it’s parenting!

And come to think of it what would childhood have been without the ‘Lion’ who was always hiding behind the sofa ready to leap if you didn’t finish the bite!

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7 thoughts on “Lies of our childhood

  1. The only way to put my kid to sleep in her bed & not in ‘Mamma-Baba Bed’ is by scaring her that a ‘Hulo Bedal’ will come otherwise – for what purpose is left unsaid! Off course she has no idea what a Hulo Bedal is or how to pronounce it! 🙂 Btw, you and your Didi look the same – did anyone tell you that? [Of course they did!] 🙂

    • Ashima

      Well as they say it’s not lying; it’s parenting! 🙂 Wait till your kid gets smart enough to question Hulo Bedal! Btw where did you get that name from? 🙂
      This one reminds me of the bournvita ad “so jaa warna boogie man aa jayega:)”
      And yes many people tell us we look alike; but it’s just we who don’t think so! 😀

      • Hulo Bedal is just the Bengali for Tomcat! No idea why I brought it up one day – but it worked… the rest being history! 🙂

      • Ashima

        🙂 I’m sure it must have worked on you as well! I had a bachche uthane waala baba in my childhood 🙂

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  3. Hehe. Your neice is adorable! In younger days, we weren’t allowed tea because ‘tea makes u dark’. To this day I don’t drink tea and have never tasted it !!

    • Ashima

      Thanks! couldn’t help but ask.. do you still think tea makes you dark and hence don’t drink it? 🙂 I have one more friend who has never tasted tea because she was brought up with the same! 🙂

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