Utterly Butterly Amul

The Amul girl journeys through the popular history of India!

One of the clearest food memory of childhood is toasted bread with loads of Amul butter. I didn’t know any other butter brand (except for the home made white butter) until I went to the US and saw the whole shelf with numerous types and brands of butter and even there I wasn’t happy until I found the familiar Amul butter in the Indian stores :).

But it isn’t just the memory of the buttery taste that I remember and cherish but also the weekly Amul hoardings. I used to look forward to them on our way to school.. In fact, I can easily say that they were the only news connections that I had back then. Newspaper was of course not an interesting option and neither was the TV news. Amul always presented the latest, the hottest news in a comic way. I don’t know how much I used to get the humour back then, but now I really enjoy the puns, the hinglish language and the satire in each of the ads. Not to forget the cute little moppet which has been consistent throughout the 50+ year campaign.
Ever since I realised that the ads come in paper every Wednesday, I’ve been saving the clippings :). Maintaining it like a scrap book .. Just like a child πŸ™‚
I have been thinking of writing about Amul ads since long, especially when i came across the ‘Amul’s India’ book but it took me a good 2 months to click the picture and put these few lines down. The book in a way presents the entire history of the last 50 years, the major headlines, the important people, the scandals, the achievements, the biggest films, international events… It’s all there. If you enjoy the seeing the little girl with blue hair and a polka dot frock and her witty messages, this book belongs in your collector’s edition. And what best it comes with a message from The man who made Amul possible, Dr. Kurien.
It’s just not possible for me to pick one favourite from the whole range.. every one is as good as another. Here are some ads for you to enjoy!

Amul ad on the success of Vicky Donor and spreading the message far beyond!


Amul on the politician’s porn scandal

Amul on the recent social media screening


Which one’s do you like the most or remember the most?

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