Endless stories on Indian Railways

I love traveling by train and particularly Indian Railways. Love meeting strangers; sharing a few hours of my life with them, knowing well that I won’t meet them again. Whenever I travel alone, I always look forward to see whom will I be sitting next to.  I think everyone has at least one unforgettable memory of the Indian Railways. Mine being the fairly recent interaction with a number of people, things, platforms etc that make up the institution called Indian Railways.

During a trip to Bombay, I narrated my whole story of how it took me 11 hours to cover 60 kms by train and all the adventures in between; to Anu and Rane. One story led to another and we realised that just between the 3 of us we had some 10 incidents related to rail journeys to tell. Apart from my Chalo Dilli experience; there was the 1st when I travelled 1st class from Delhi to Kolkata in Duronto and how both me and Sikander were truly impressed by the hospitality and class of the staff on board. No air travel can come close to the luxuries of railway 1st class!

Then there was this story that my dad used to tell so often –

“When I was a MR, I had to change trains at Bandikui station late at night and once I had a strange encounter, which I still sometime question if it really happened or was my imagination. It was very late at night; in fact it would be more correct to call it was very early in the morning. I was sitting on a bench, smoking my Wills and waiting for my train; when I saw this old man with a stick and blanket on his head come hobbling towards my way. He stopped in front of him and said if I have a light. And the moment I lit the matchstick and took it towards his face to light his cigarette all I saw was blankness”

For a long long time I thought this story to be true until I read Ruskin Bond’s horror stories! 😮

Rane told about an incident where the up and down Geetanjali express used to meet at an intermediate station and that too on opposite platforms. One can imagine the confusion that would create. Passengers boarding from that station were always double checking if they boarded the right train!

Anu was telling about an incident when she and her mother had to board a train with departure time 12:05am. When they boarded the realised the seat was already taken. Now it’s not very uncommon that 2 passengers have been given the same berth so they went to check with the TT where they discovered that they were a day late for the train!

We both laughed at recounting our 1st experience with Mumbai local trains. We were a group of 10 freshers going from IIT to Bandra which meant changing train at Dadar. The local train stops for exactly 2 seconds on each stop and we realised Richa alone couldn’t board the train! It was the time when cell phones were still a luxury and definitely not something that college students would posses. The rest of us in the train just kept wondering – should we get down at the next station and go back to kanjurmarg; what if she left by the time we got back? should we go to Dadar and wait for her there?

One of my friend met his wife on a train journey! Isn’t that romantic? But I don’t think I should tell their story here.. but I was very enchanted when I heard it 🙂

The stories kept on going for the rest of the day…

So when I came across this book – “The Penguin book of Indian Railway stories” edited by Ruskin Bond, I couldn’t help but buy it! It meant more railway stories! And some from the bygone era –the era of the steam engines; the era of the Raj. I’ve just embarked on this train of memories and I don’t want the journey to end soon.


These were some of my stories while traveling on trains.. do you have one to share?

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12 thoughts on “Endless stories on Indian Railways

  1. Hey!!!! I object vehemently!!!! We were 7 freshers…and ANU couldn’t alone board the train. Ashima…how could you make that mistake :-((((
    We two had stayed behind at the station to wait for Anu….!

  2. He he!! sorry about this Richa.. but since the last 10 years I have been telling this version of the story to everybody 😛 😀
    My memory .. 😮 my bad 😮

  3. Something I had written long ago after an interesting train journey – nothing out-of-the-world like your experiences though!
    This was probably the last time I came to Bangalore from Kolkata by train!

    Long time … how have you been?


  4. Hello Som!

    I’m doing good. Based in Vadodara now..Just read your post.. interesting 🙂 Thanks for sharing.. I also scan through the entire passenger list for the 6 seats in my vicinity every time, just out of curiosity 🙂

    Going string with TI still?


  5. Akanksha Behari

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. The articles the recepies the pictures – attract immediate attention and leave the readers thinking. Keep up the good work and continue your efforts to spread social issues awareness and off course connecting us to the past (Train journey, Letters from Nehru to his daughter etc). Cheers !

    • Ashima

      Thanks Chinu! Glad you enjoy my blogs :). Btw you can also write some of your delectable recipes on My Weekend Kitchen… Let me know if you are interested… Would love to have your cookies and pizzas there!


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