Book Experience – The Lost Story

I’ve been thinking of writing about the book since long… It’s been ages since I read it and I wonder if I will be able to do justice to it now. I can’t call this a book review; well for one I don’t think I’m qualified to do that, and two, I don’t think I want to review the book. I just want to share my experience of reading the book – Book Experience – is what this post is.

The Lost Story is the only fiction book that I possess where I personally know the author and that was the foremost reason of why I picked it up.  But even if I didn’t know the author, I think I would have bought the book; if I had chanced upon it. The synopsis does create a lot of curiosity. While I’ve read about such writing attempts before, this was the first time I could get my hands on a collection of stories that were written by two authors in this fashion (one part by one author, second by the other; without the two talking about it).

My first question to Amit when he told me about his book was “Is it another one of those IIT/IIM graduates’ love story?” :). I’m glad I was completely wrong.

The beginning of the book is very strong…After the prologue (I don’t know if that’s the right word), it was no longer stories by Amit and Sudhanshu; but for me they were stories by Saleem and Sandy. I think that should be a compliment to the authors J.  The stories are crisp and move quickly. Having lived in the hills, I could actually picture Bhimtal and I was glad they chose that little town. It’s been long since I was there last. The story of Rahu and Ketu sent a shiver down my spine. I remember saying it out loud after the story “Why did he do this?” meaning why did Amit write it this way.. some stories are open-ended, leaving the reader wanting to know ‘what happened next?’. Are they teasing the readers :)?

Even after so many months of completing the book I remember Sujit sitting near the lake fearing monsters; the recon drone; Abhay who faked bravery; the homosexual Morgan; the haunted house with the Pink Floyd T-shirt, Shruti, Gopal and so many others.

They have aptly said “Reality is overrated. It leaves so much to the imagination anyway”. Within the novel, reality and fiction are interwoven, which might confuse you or grip you completely. To me, it did both. There were times when I just didn’t understand – one moment we are in a story and next we are in present. Snap. I just had to read on…

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5 thoughts on “Book Experience – The Lost Story

  1. i read the book recently. i loved the way of storytelling the most.

    and i completely agree with you on this line “After the prologue (I don’t know if that’s the right word), it was no longer stories by Amit and Sudhanshu; but for me they were stories by Saleem and Sandy”.

    The way the book ended was beyond what i had imagined.

    • Ashima

      Hello Madhumita!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with me 🙂 Makes it even more special because one of the author is my cousin and I would be so delighted to pass your experience of the book to him! 🙂
      And I’m going to be part of your WWW Wednesdays soon! Though I am a very slow reader, so I would make it more like a monthly post 🙂


      • WWW Wednedays is an initiative of and i joined it this time.
        And i would be delighted if you can pass my experience to the author of the book. Many thanks! 🙂

      • Ashima

        Hey! I didn’t see it at peakperspective.. From your blog it seemed it was an initiative by shouldbereading!

        I will too join it next week! 🙂 but I think I will maintain a monthly cycle rather than a weekly one 🙂

        Already passed on your experience to the author! 🙂 Most Welcome!


  2. I am extremely sorry, it is indeed an initiative of shouldbereading. 😛 I too agree that a monthly cycle is much more feasible.

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