Love you mom!

My mom is super-mom! Growing up (and even now!) I used to wish I could be like her.. she knows everything and she has eyes everywhere! 😀

I have these childhood images of all four us sitting on the terrace every Sunday morning and she would be oiling our hair; our tiffins will always have something interesting and not the usual parantha-achaar  like most other students; I remember her holding me close when we used to travel in bus to her office; I remember asking for “something nice” to eat and always been surprised; I remember her tirelessly making clothes for all the kids in the family; I remember the homemade jams and ketchups; I remember all the besan ke laddoos she sent with me back to hostel and which my friends finished in no time; I remember how she taught me cooking over phone; I remember how even now when I go home she never sits for one minute but is always thinking of what special to make for us… I remember everything and I miss everything… I wish life was such that we could always be close to them

No matter how much I trouble you by saying that you love didi more.. I know you love us equally! This is just my way of getting more attention ;).

You’ve been a mother, a friend, a pillar of strength. we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve played, we’ve fought. You’ve always known me, there was never a reason (or even a chance!) to hide.. and I’m sorry for all the pain I might have caused and I know I’m forgiven and I know you’ll always love me unconditionally..

Happy Mother’s Day .. today and everyday

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2 thoughts on “Love you mom!

  1. Love you for putting all this in words… Miss all that time …love mum and you all the time

  2. I too miss all that time when life was so carefree and careless! 😦 remember how we all used to sit on our terrace under the big eucalyptus tree with the radio and listen to Binaca Geet Mala!

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