Galteshwar Mahadev Temple

It’s been almost 6 months since we moved to Baroda (now Vadodara) but just didn’t get time to go around the city for any sightseeing. The outskirts of Baroda offer a lot of scenic beauty at the banks of many rivers that flow in and around the city. I recently went to Galteshwar Mahadev temple to attend a village cluster meeting and was awed by both the temple and the beauty around it but also the legends that get associated with religious structures!

Galteshwar temple is situated at the confluence of two rivers – River Galti and River Mahi. It is said that galti still flows underneath the shiva-ling and one spring of the river galti constantly sprinkles water on the shiva-ling. The Shiva temple of the Solanki era (10 to 13th century), Galteshwar temple is an illustration of the rich architectural heritage of our country. As you enter the temple compound, feast your eyes on the beautiful carved figures of gods, humans, chariots, horse riders and various events of human life. The carvings are much more elaborate on the inside of the unique eight-sided hall, which is the entrance to the temple. But one more thing to notice is the incomplete roof of the temple after the hall. The temple is actually roofless. There are two legends explaining the roofless temple:

It is said that lord Shiva himself constructed the temple, but because he didn’t want anyone to recognize him, he worked during the night but he couldn’t finish it before sun rise and left the temple as it is.

According to another story, Mahmud Ghazni came through this route after looting the temples of somnath and when he saw Galteshwar he destroyed the roof.

As we walked towards the entrance, we saw a cracked nandi statue (see picture).

That again has a story attached, the locals believed the kings had kept jewels in the nandi statue and after the solanki era, the statue was broken and opened for the hidden treasure, however there was none there.

While the temple itself has a lot of religious significance thus attracting crowds of devotees from around the region, the rocky banks of Mahi are also a popular picnic spot and the temple makes a beautiful background. The temple and the banks both complement each other’s beauty and together provide attraction for all.

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17 thoughts on “Galteshwar Mahadev Temple

  1. what a work of art! (the temple) seems to be an amazing place

  2. haha..nice. how did you come to know of all these stories associated with the temple? 🙂

  3. sachin

    superb tempel…
    must go to see that..

    • Ashima

      Yes Sachin, and right now it will be even more beautiful as Mahi river and the surrounding area will be blooming in monsoons!
      Are you from Vadodara?


  4. vijay goswami

    please send me excat location

    • Ashima

      Hello Vijay,

      Sorry for the late response. Where do you want the directions from? There is no address for the temple as such.. Please find directions from Vadodara (Genda cirle) to Galteshwar Mahadev temple here:


  5. Romil Patel

    proud to say that i live just 1.5 kms away from this temple in varasda village….many of my childhood memories are linked to this temple……used to go there everyday during summer vacations…and used to take bath in the mahi river there……trust me its a very beautiful place..i love its beauty….feeling so blessed…….

    • Ashima

      Hello Romil!

      Thanks for sharing here. Do you know more stories about the temple legend? The villagers did tell me some but would love to hear more :).

      Where are you based now?


      • Romil Patel

        i used to live in baroda for the last 14 years in M.S. Hostel for studies……i completed 12th science this year……i opted for biology… now i am in russia for MBBS………yesterday i was searching for galteshwar and i got here……i appreciate your work a lot….thanks for reminding me my childhood days……i miss everything a lot….thanks a lot…….and i just knew the story of lord shiva…….and the other one about mahmud ghazni is written on an information board over there i think……

      • Ashima

        I am glad you dropped a note! And wow Russia… Do you speak Russian fluently now? Good luck with studies 🙂

  6. Romil Patel

    no…i do not speak russian fluently……i just have knowledge about some common words……but russian language classes would start soon…i would learn russian in 1 year i suppose…..SPASIBO[thank you in russian :-)]

  7. Just 3 days back I have donated a Rudraksha Tree to the ashram located on the left side of the main temple,this I did because there are few people in this Ashram who can take care of this tree and cultivate it for future generations.It was God’s wish and I did this just for him.My Pranams to all devotees.

    • Ashima

      That’s great Jay :). It’s a great place and I am sure more the trees, the better the place will be…

  8. Hi,

    just had query with regards to travel & stay at galteshwar temple.
    what is the best way to reach galteshwar temple from Vadodra/Baroda station? is public transport easily available. Do you suggest public transport or private vehicle ?
    also if one plans to stay at galteshwar templ, is there any hotel or facility available?

  9. Mohit

    I visited the temple on the day before yesterday, and yes the temple is actually very beautiful; but I found many leaves and other such materials rotting and smelling badly around the Shiv-Linga. The temple and the surrounding areas, as well as the area around the Shiv-Linga should not be cluttered. Cleanliness is important.

    And, I thank you Ashima for sharing the legends about the temple. I was searching for the details about the temple, and it was nice to find your blog.


    • Ashima

      Hey! I am so glad you found the legends interesting.. I am also looking for stories whenever I visit a place and the best way is to talk to locals..

      sad to hear that the temple is not being managed so well 😦 I totally agree that cleanliness is important..


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