Volunteers V/s Professionals

“Noah’s Arc was built by Volunteers

The Titanic was built by Professionals”

I read this quote about volunteers sometime back on a website and the next moment I was drawing this cartoon! This is my very first attempt at cartooning and though I took the arc and the animals and the titanic from different places, I really like the end result ; therefore sharing with all.

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4 thoughts on “Volunteers V/s Professionals

  1. Noah built the Ark to save himself & his family, and picked up some pets on the way! How does that make him a volunteer! 🙂

    There can be other interpretations of the similie – Noah’s Ark was made to survive the great floods, Titanic was a luxury liner! So luxury is evil! 🙂

    • Ashima

      That’s an interpretation! But Noah’s arc was still a voluntary effort even if it was to save themselves… The designers of Titanic were also on board the first voyage!

      • Well, Titanic was still a voluntary effort even if it was to make money… 😉 … unless they used slave labour in those days … did they??

      • Ashima

        They paid the ones who built it!

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