Waving to strangers…

A train window is a window to many amazing worlds especially when you are travelling in India. The scenes change dramatically as the train moves from villages where one can see lush green fields, to no-one’s land where mountains or ruins stare at you or outskirts of town where one can actually peep into homes of slum dwellers. But one scene, which always gets a response from me is that of children waving the passing train..


Why do they do it? I’ve always wondered what pleasure it gives them to wave goodbye to complete strangers. Maybe when they see people staring blankly out of windows, they just want to bring a smile on their faces and vice verca?

At a recent trip to Hampi, we hired an auto for a day trip to all the ruins in the city. At around 2pm we crossed a double-file line of school children returning home from school, and each of them waved at us, with bright smiles forcing us to smile back! 🙂 Later we took a bus back to Hospet, which is the nearest station. On the way there was girl playing in dirt outside her small house. As soon as she saw the bus, she stood up and started waving emphatically with the broadest smile I have ever seen! I don’t know if someone she knew was on the bus but I wish I could have captured her smile that time..


Another thought which crossed my mind was, at least in a bus or auto or a train, they can see the people inside and they can get a response back.. but so many times I’ve seen kids waving at airplanes! In fact I used to do the same as a kid. I don’t why I did it then and I don’t know why I stopped doing so now.. The reason could be the same as it is with Hugs and Kisses. As we grow up, we shy away from strangers, as grown ups we start questioning and seek to repress. In their innocence, the children are just wishing a traveller good-luck. In return if they get a wave back it deepens the smile and as smiles are contagious, it brings one on the traveller’s face as well.. and more the smiles the better it is..


(note: the images are taken from different sites on the web..no copyright violation intended)


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