Finally it pays off…

Of all the things that I learnt at LSE, writing social science academic and research articles was the toughest. I remember the first assignment: There was this long and lengthy 30 page article on the current language of the development sector and it’s current relevance and we were to write a review for it. And this during the introduction lecture, due on the following Tuesday! I read the abstract and went completely bonkers… full of jargon.. as heavy as it can get.

I was all confused and felt out of place amidst students with social science background and conversant with the both the language and the writing style. Bewildered I went to the counsellor at the teaching and learning centre.

“I come from an engineering background. I can write articles with equations as the main components but I can’t make sense of a 30 page article and write a review for it in a week’s time, when it takes me a day to read one page of that article!”

It was that day and today, I have written more than 10 academic papers and edited and reviewed many more in a year’s time. And now it also pays … 🙂


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