For lack of a better name…

The idea of a food blog has been lingering in my mind since long. Actually the initial intention of “lime ‘n’ lemony” was a food blog but then I started doubting my skills as a cook and abandoned the idea.

When my wedding was finalized almost three years ago, I had asked my mom for just one gift. 6 months before my wedding, I asked her to write down all her recipes in a notebook and gift that book to me on my wedding day. After marriage, I took a break from job for about a year. During that time I managed almost all her recipes and also added many more to that book. Looking at the book now, I feel I need to organize it better (making sections for starters, main course, desserts and also sections of veg/non-veg) and also share many of those recipes with others. Especially my mom’s jams and preserves recipes. Doing it online was the best solution..but for lack of a better name, it’s still an action item in my diary. Since last 6 months I have been looking for a name for my blog. In between I took a bartending course and experimented a lot with drinks and mixers.. so that’s another thing I want to add to that blog (when it happens). Last week when a lot of my friends were visiting, I brought this idea on the table, hoping someone would come up with an exciting name but no success.

The essential ingredient of Indian cooking is the spice and the memory is taste and aroma.. I wanted something which would combine these elements. And just as I wrote that I got the idea of 5 senses. Food in fact touches all the 5 senses.

Hearing: the whistle of the pressure cooker (a quintessential part of any Indian Kitchen)!

Touch:  I strongly believe food tastes better when had with hands rather than the boring fork and knife (it has to be ‘finger licking good’!)

Sight, smell and taste need no explanation for their association with food and experience with food.

However ‘5 senses’ being such a common phrase, I wonder if I would find it unavailable. And I will again be on a lookout for a name.. Any suggestions?


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