Of Hugs and Kisses…

The real ones and not the Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses (bad one!). Though I like them too 🙂

I recently encountered “Mr. Half Hug”. I didn’t even know a term like ‘half hug’ existed before today (I feel so outdated!). I actually thought I invented the term B-), but then google god gave me the exact definition of half hug as I had thought – “The act of going in sideways, and putting one arm around another person. It’s “half a hug“”. I read this and I said Bingo! And I thought its time I give this blog a lifesaver (another post :p).

Interestingly as children, we hug instinctively. But as we grow up, I don’t know, we shy away from it? But then why give half-a-hug, it’s awkward and IMO it’s worse than none at all. Someone said, “A hug is done with two hands and lasts more than a fifth of a second”. And why be stingy about giving a hug? There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The more you give, the wealthier you get. The world is full of misery and unhappiness (and seriously I didn’t need to do a Master’s in Social Policy in Dev to know that!). Give a hug, get a hug; it multiplies. Makes two people happier. And talking in practical terms (for the ones who want a logic!), hugs increase levels of oxytocin and reduces blood pressure. So with every hug, two people reduce their risks of heart disease!

I love the Spanish culture: a smile, a hug and two kisses. So much to gain from just one greeting.

And lord help me there is also a concept of an “e-mail hug” or an “online hug”. I wonder aren’t those a contradiction in themselves? I was recently doing an essay on the impact of the Internet on social capital.. and my essay ended as “whatever wonderful things the wired and wireless will bring, a hug is not one of them.”. And the day I submit my essay (today), I get an “online hug”. Aargh. In this computerized, glass and steel world, we need more real hugs, more real smiles and more real kisses. A hug is a handshake or a high-five. It’s just more personal, more warmer. Hugs make everyone feel good and the need to be hugged doesn’t change when we get older. Reach out. Give a real two-arm hug to the next person you meet and get richer. “It’s one piece of magic we can all do everyday”.

Leaving with the Free Hugs Campaign official video

Lots of XOXO!

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