I like the concept of Weekend Brunch and I like the fact that brunch starts at noon and goes on till 4pm 🙂 Gives enough time to wake up late and still start the weekend early enough to enjoy the day. Until last night I had all plans to work on my essay today but today was one the best days I have seen in London till now. A perfect, warm and sunshiny day. I just couldn’t waste such a day staying at home and struggle over an essay. So I decided I’d go to the Borough market, drink some warm mulled wine and buy fresh vegetable, cheese and spreads. But it took no more than 5 minutes for Siva to convince to come for a brunch at South Ken instead J. After some google attempts at Austrian and Dutch brunch places, we finally hit on Madsen restaurant. I enjoyed the place so much that I thought I should try my hand at writing a restaurant review. Obviously, a perfect day was the highlight of the experience, but I should give the restaurant its fair due.

Situated opposite the only Lamborghini showroom in London, the restaurant occupies a prime location. This was my first time in South Kensington. The area has a vibrant mix of high-end boutiques, restaurants amidst the Victorian grandeur of Natural History Museum, Albert memorial, Victoria and Albert museum and the science museum. The ambience is warm, relaxed and stylish. They have seating in the patio as well (they don’t have heaters in the patio, but they do provide blankets), though we took a table inside just next to the glass wall to enjoy the sunshine and also stay warm inside. I have no clue about Scandinavian dishes and cannot say if they were truly authentic or not, but I can surely say that I enjoyed the food – the appearance and the taste. The menu is almost a book, because of their extensive wine list, but they also have a good mix of traditional Scandinavian dishes and modern European dishes and enough options for vegetarians like me.

We started with a warm oatmeal porridge served with apple compote and fresh apples for myself and natural yogurt with fresh blueberries and almond granola for Siva and a large pot of filter coffee!. A part of food experience is its appearance, and I was delighted by what came on our table. I should also mention the fresh thyme on top, which added to the taste. The service was good, but since Siva finished his breakfast much before me and they didn’t bring the next order until I finished mine, meant he had to wait.

My lunch order was a potato and crispy onion smushi, which is a smaller version of traditional Danish open sandwich called Smørrebrød. It was a teeny-weeny rye bread, with lot of things on top. Looked good, tasted good. But it really was very small. Siva called it a miniature sandwich. So if you are hungry, you may want to order 3-4 of those :). Siva ordered a Portobello mushroom burger, which also received a thumbs-up.

“Gammeldags æblekage” (which means old fashioned apple pie) came in a glass, with layers of apple compote, amaretti biscuits and whipped cream. I would have preferred real poached apples instead of the compote, but no complaints.

The prices? It wasn’t expensive. It was well priced for the location, the food and the ambience. Without alcohol, our bill was around 35 pounds for two people.

I could just say, Madsen would be my first recommendation, if anyone asks me for a good brunch place.

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