What’s cooking..

When at home, I spend most of the time in my kitchen. It’s not just a place to cook but it’s more like a family room. The small dining table in the kitchen is perhaps the most used furniture in our house. Whenever I go to a mall or a lifestyle store, I always visit the kitchen store/section. And till now I haven’t been disappointed by any trip. Kitchen has evolved into a new gadget place. They seem to be the most abundant kinds of cool gadgets. Sure, common appliances like cooking ranges, refrigerators, microwave, dishwashers, food processors have come a long way. Planning for a new kitchen now? You can spend a whole day researching the types of cooking ranges available! Electric, gas, ceramic, induction.. the range available is huge. But leaving these asides, the smaller and usually not electronic ‘gadgets’ in the kitchen are far more interesting. Every time there will be a new gadget for the simplest of tasks, trying to make it easier. Or making it look more sleeker and smarter. A salt and pepper shaker looking like a hair dryer, or a bread box resembling an armadillo! A grater for example; I have seen at least 8 types of hand-held graters in just one shop. I myself have 3 kinds if I leave the food processor out. Citrus juicers, egg poachers, oil dispenser, spice jars or a more basic item like plastic containers. Shopping for plastic containers leaves me confused! Is it stain resistant? Microwave, dishwashers, freezer safe? What kind of plastic is it made of? Lock and lock or push in lid or screw lid? Stackable? Rubber maid came up with those ‘easy-find’ lids, which click on to the bottom of the container for easy storage. Then there are space savers like an extra shelf for your cabinet or a shelf that can fix onto the existing cabinet and hang underneath, or kitchen rails with hooks for almost everything.  The traditional knife and chopping board will always remain a kitchen essential but things like slicers, onion cutters, apple corers have made it kind of obsolete already. Talking of chopping boards, would you like a plastic one or a bamboo one? Would you like one that has a container on it’s side and how nice if the container can just fold in to save space? How about something which has a groove all around to keep the tomato juice from spilling on your counter when you cut?

I can spend hours in a cookware shop just gazing at these marvels. Kitchen is a great place for inventions & innovation (and most definitely a style statement!). Many of these are actually amazing conversation pieces when brought out. I bought some glass ‘handkerchief bowls’ (apparently these are collectibles and limited in number.) from a charity shop long time back and every time I put them out they start a whole new conversation. An antique collector told me I could sell them on ebay for much higher than what I bought them for!

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