Keeping santa happy


Today, I got a call from a very old friend after a very long time. He, assuming I wouldn’t have his number after all these years,  wanted to play a prank. But unfortunately for him and fortunately for me he couldn’t do his act. So after the initial disappointment, he started telling me about another prank he has planned on one of his cousins..

The conversation after that went on to his PhD applications and how tensed he was about it and general talk. At the end of it I just told him probably like Calvin, he would want to keep Santa happy while he is still applying and not spoil his chances by being bad.. so he could forget his pranks for a little while :). I’m sure there was a Calvin strip in which he tells Santa how good he has been and how he thinks he deserves all the gifts etc etc (I think Calvin is always complaining to Santa about him not giving the gifts he asks for, but at least he believes in Santa even if it is just for the sake of getting the gifts). I tried searching the strip but couldn’t find it.. Maybe someone else could help me there.

But I had a different set of questions here .. How close to Christmas should we start thinking about keeping Santa happy? Is he keeping a tab of our good and bad deeds always or he sets out a month when he leaves all other jobs and just monitors people’s activity? In any case, with the exploding population, he should be in need for new staff always. Be it monitoring people, keeping record of their activities, thinking about ‘appropriate’ gifts (which he thinks are appropriate but like Calvin, I think we never get what we want like a missile and a launcher :)), buying/collecting/manufacturing gifts, distributing.. It’s a whole army up there! Where do I send my application for a job interview with him?

Santa will I get a job, if I stay good till Christmas or the monitoring period is over and since its closer to Christmas you are now busy collecting gifts?

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