Settling in..

Snapshot 2009-10-18 11-47-00It’s been 3 weeks since I moved to London, back to college, back to hostel life and back to a long distance relationship. I didn’t want to write the post earlier as it would have been very depressing then. The settling in process is still going on but I think since each week is better than the previous; I’m making some progress :), even if it is slow. The first week was quite bad with falling horribly sick, missing Sikander, missing home and still having to attend lectures, not being able to understand anything in the lectures and it seemed like everyone around me was at an advantage because they came with a certain background in social sciences!

But slowly things started to look a little brighter. Earlier I couldn’t stop wondering about what have I got myself into, wasn’t life easier and better the way it was.. The course still seems daunting and I still have reservations of how I’ll be able to do it but at-least my attitude has changed from “why did I decide to do this?” to “now that I’m here, why not make the best of it!” . As my mom says “Jab okhli mein sar diya to moosal se kya darna” (a saying in hindi)

I’m meeting people, I’ve made some friends and I’ve also realised I’m not alone in the boat. Everyone complaints about the amount of readings, the pressure of applying for jobs as soon as you start the masters, everyone is confused about what courses to take etc etc.

The best part about studying at LSE is that you get to interact with people from so many different countries. My class has a representation of at least 20 countries! I’ve never studied in such an environment and off course it’s an eye opener. And London is exciting, I still haven’t explored much of London, but till now the journey has been good so far. I hope I’ll soon calm my nerves over the course and start to party a little bit more :), explore the theatres around and make best usage of my student status!

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4 thoughts on “Settling in..

  1. Richa

    All the best Ashima. Am sure you will do great…as you have always done!

  2. Ashima

    Thanks! I’m glad you found me here.. but when I started this blog I had this idea of being bale to post at least once a week.. but with LSE it just doesn’t seem possible 😮

  3. Richa

    Looks like you have covered up the lost weeks in the last few days :-).

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