Is there a message in this?

It’s shocking to see, in less than a week’s time more than 3000 people have died and hundreds of thousands of people have been misplaced just because of natural disasters around the globe. Leave the wars or the H1N1 epidemic. Is the nature trying to give us a message? Is it global warming? Climate change? Unsustainable population? Declining Ecosystems?

Source: Reuters

Source: Reuters

Sept 30th : Earthquake (magnitude 7.6) hits Padang, Indonesia. Death toll over 3000

Sept 30th : Tsunami sweeps the island of American Samoa. More than 50 dead.

Oct 2nd : Heavy rains cause mudslides in Italy. More than 50 people feared dead.

Oct 4th : Floods kill more than 200 in Karanatka and AP, southern India

Oct 4th : Typhoon Parma hits Philippine coast, atleast 17 dead.

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