See you soon Nandini..

nandiniA few more hours and I’ll be home playing with Nandini. She’s the main reason to visit home always (obv since she was born). Not meaning to offend anybody in my family.. but she’s a little angel (or demon as my sister says) Sometimes I get a little scared that if I’m not there while she is growing up, she’ll forget me. As such my sister doesn’t do much to keep up my image with her. My name is used more like “chod de.. nahin to dimpi masi maaregi!” 😦 So I have to go loaded with gifts to make up ..

Won’t get to spend so much time with her this time though. We are visiting 6 places in 15 days.. Delhi, punchkula, Udaipur, Jaipur, Kerala, Bombay..I’m sure by the end of it we’ll be eager to get back for some rest 🙂 But for now I just can’t wait to hold my niece in my arms 🙂
see you soon

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