DD days..

DoordarshanI just realised the title of my last post (…kyonki har ghar kuchch kehta hai)is a potential Ekta Kapoor’s K-series serial title! 🙂 Sometime back I had an urge to watch the old DD serials and I searched all over the net in vain. Couldn’t find any of those that I was looking for. However found Fauji and watched all the episodes again, not that I’m a SRK fan but just for old times sake ☺ Well my search wasn’t totally waste. I found so many old ads that I used to like. In fact I can watch TV only for these ads. I saved the ones that I could to enjoy them over and over ☺
Some of my favourites:
Dhara : “par ghar pe to mummy ne Jalebee banai hai” … “Jalebeeeeee”
All the Cadbury ads (esp the cricket one and also the one with samir soni) “Kuchch khaas hai hum sabhi main”
Oh! I loved Samir Soni, the doodh doodh ad must have really increased milk intake. Atleast I started drinking without giving mom any trouble after that ad.
Amul Butter
Gold Spot .. the zing thing. I think Gold Spot has become extinct now. Haven’t seen the bottle in ages.
there were so many more ..
And then there were the short films on DD. Ek Chidiya, Baje Sargam, Mile sur mera tuharama.
Where have the creative minds gone now? Why are all the channels full of family dramas where everyone is just busy plotting against each other? Women dressed up as if they are part of a wedding even while they are sleeping, the camera keeps doing the back and forth thing, people don’t talk about money under some Crores! ☺ One just can’t associate with them any more. Where are the simple, more closer to life shows of DD? The comedies like ‘Yeh jo hai zindagi’ or ‘Zabaam sambhal ke’ even though it was a copy of the Brit comedy ‘Look who’s talking’ it was great and then there was ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’. Where are dramas like Hum log, Buniyaad, Kashish, Farmaan, Neev or kids programs like ‘Potli baba ki’ or ‘gayab aaya’. Thrillers like Byomkesh Bakshi and Karamchand. Then there was Rangoli and Chitrahaar.. and who can forget the Sunday morning Ramayana and later Mahabharata. If you happen to go out at 9am on a Sunday morning, you’ll see only deserted streets.
The signature tune (even though it may be thought of as a sad tune) and the swirl..
Missing the good old Doordarshan days.

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5 thoughts on “DD days..

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  2. shyam

    i stumbled into this article when i was desperately searching for the ‘jalebee’ ad.. after reading this am missing DD even more. and yes the level of creativity is waning away and not many realize that… nice post, choking with old memories…

    • Ashima

      Thanks Shyam..
      There were so many more memories with DD days.. like the black and white TV set which had a wooden curtain like door! 🙂 I remember my mom asking me to close that everytime we switched off the TV 😀
      Btw today DD finishes 50 years!!

  3. shikha

    ha ha ha! We too had the brown wooden door tv. Now that I recall its looks, it looked absolutely ancient! But we still luved it :-)….do you remember “Kile ka Rahasy”? I was so scared everytime I watched it :D. Not sure if I still will be. Those were some amazing days we will always miss.

    • Ashima

      yes.. those were really amazing days..
      do you also remember a serial where a guy found a bunch of letters which his postman father had not delivered to the recipients and he sets off delivering them 25 years later and how each letter unravels a story in the receiving family!

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