…क्योंकि हर घर कुछ कहता है

“हर घर चुपचाप यह कहता है,
कि अन्दर इसमें कौन रहता है.
छत बताती है की किसका यह आसमान है,
रंग कहते हैं किसका यह जहां है,
कमरों में किसकी कल्पना झलकती है,
कौन चुन चुनके इसे सजाता है,
कौन इस मकान में अपना घर बसाता है,
हर घर चुपचाप यह कहता है,
कि अन्दर इसमें कौन रहता है.”


 I love decorating, redecorating.. I love moving; a change, a fresh start. Even though it comes with it’s own set of hurdles. A new place, different culture, different seasons – it all affects the way you decorate and furnish your home. I like to co-ordinate things. I don’t like buying the whole bedroom set at a go, the way the shop has it on display but to choose my own pieces and then mix and match. I think that gives a more personal feel. In Scotland we moved to a very small-furnished apartment, so the challenge was how to fit in our furniture along with the landlord’s and still not make the place look like a storehouse!
Abu Dhabi, we’ve moved to a huge 3-bed room flat with no furnishing at all. It’s a clean slate and open to all imaginations. Windows run from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.. The first two weeks almost every evening was spent in a furniture showroom, appliances store or a home décor shop trying to find things to go with what we already have, selecting fabrics for curtain, bargaining with the tailors. That was the time when I learnt “Never leave home before 6pm in Abu Dhabi” 🙂
And then one fine day the boxes arrived from Scotland. Day by day, I opened them up. Organised, reorganised everything. There is so much space here that we are spoiled for options! 🙂  We are still in the decorating phase here, with only the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen fully furnished and working. Still have deliveries to come. Still need to make more trips to that furniture and curtain shop. I’m loving it.

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