Inside my big bag


the big bag

Recently I’ve been busy going around town looking at all sorts of furniture, appliances, curtains, kitchenware. Almost everything needed to start a new home and most of these trips were made alone during the day when husband dear is busy in office. The weather here makes you tired earlier than you would think and between shops, I was forced to take breaks in some coffee/juice shop.  I’ve been reminding myself to carry my book each day but somehow, I always forget to push it in my handbag and then get bored at the coffee shop. So yesterday I wrote this post on a hand tissue 🙂 

What is my never-leave-home-without-it list? Leave home more in terms of ‘running errands around town alone’ and not ‘b’bye.. I’ll be late..’

I like big bags and mine is like a black hole, things just keep on finding their way into it and never out. It could barely be called organized. More like “throw it in, find it later”. Important thing: I do manage to find what I’m looking for and in time. So I thought I’ll take a trip into it .. I had receipts more than 2 months old, bus tickets, a pamphlet of mattresses, empty wrappers, poly bags amongst my wallet, keys and few more essentials.I never want to be out of my home without money, keys and cell-phone. But my wish list includes lip balm, mints, a book, tissues, napkin, sunscreen, sunglasses (in Abu Dhabi), umbrella (in Scotland), hair brush, water bottle, pen, paper, a spare poly bag.. My bag is heavy!

I asked my sister and she added diapers, wet wipes, spare clothes for her daughter, dolls, candies, first aid! 😀

What’s in your big bag?

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