Another Beginning

Had I written this post any earlier it would have been very pessimistic. Guess that’s why it took so long to get some decent internet connection. I still have to post about Paris and rest of my Europe trip. But even though it’s been only about a month, it seems like that trip happened ages ago! So much has happened since then. Bye bye Edinburgh and Welcome to Abu Dhabi!

Bye Bye Edinburgh..

Since we knew about the transfer we’ve been saying ‘the one thing we won’t miss about Scotland is the weather’ but a couple of days before we left, Edinburgh was flooded with sunshine.. and no wind! For the first time during my stay there, I saw people walking in shorts, no stocking, skirts were out, no jackets no scarves.. Either the city was giving us a warm farewell or making us feel sad to leave it. Or maybe it was trying to acclimatise us for Abu Dhabi’s 50 C!! On the last day, I walked down the royal mile one last time, tried to capture images in my mind. The lively royal mile had been home for almost a year. No matter what time of the year, it was never short of tourists and locals alike. Wind or no wind, rain or sun the cafes at the royal mile were always full and so was the street with all it’s street performances. I’ve spent so many evenings here listening to mouth organs, guitars, bagpipes, drums.. watching plays, jugglers. It’s an open theatre. Everyone is welcome.

I miss it so much.. miss the cobble stone roads going up and down, the narrow stairs connecting roads, princess street and gardens the charm of an old town, the desire of clicking a picture each time I was on the road. Edinburgh was always beautiful. The rain and the wind will try to put you off most days but the city would always attract. There were so many places that I wanted to visit but somehow just couldn’t despite the fact that I lived within 2 miles of all of them like the real Mary Queen’s close, the Calton Hill, the Holyrood Palace… I miss the window seat at my apartment overlooking the royal mile and the Cockburn street.. I’ve spent so many of  my days just sitting there and watch the world pass by.

Welcome to Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi gave a very hot and humid welcome! 🙂 It wasn’t easy coming here and we still are trying to get a hang of the city. I made the mistake of coming to gulf via India. Was grilled for about an hour at check-in counter at Delhi. And finally, they allowed me to travel only when I signed a letter saying I’m going at my own risk and if they deport me, I will be responsible and not Jet airways.  The immigration guy wanted to just convince me badly to opt for Masters in electronics and not waste time working for an oil field company! So that was another 45 mins interview..

Finally entered Abu Dhabi. Every country poses a different set of problems for settling in. In Scotland, it was the absence of credit history.. so no bank account, no phone, no internet for atleast 2 months. Here they don’t care about credit history, so bank account took 2 days, but looks like the company got the wrong visa done and we can’t drive, or have a post paid phone/internet connection..Add to it the fact that you have to wait for atleast 30mins in 50C before a taxi stops by. Hopefully things will sort out within a month. We have a found an apartment and that’s a plus! Though our credit cards have stopped working so we can’t furnish it and we are still stuck in a hotel room..Phone calls are expensive and all VoIP sites are blocked. There is only one state owned phone/internet/cable company, full monopoly.

If I continue this would just become a crib session. I think I should give the city sometime. Every city has it’s charms, I still need to discover Abu Dhabi’s. 🙂

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