Venice of the North

BelgiumBrussels was more of a touch and go. We had planned just a day in Brussels but getting lazy at Amsterdam didn’t leave us with much time. We reached Brussels around 7 in the evening. Luckily during summers the light stays till around 9pm, which gave us enough time to enjoy the medieval architecture of the city centre or the Grand Place. Later we just moved from one café to another within the city centre trying out different beers and Belgium chocolates. Next morning roamed at the local market, had waffle breakfast and bought some amazing Belgium chocolates at Pierre Marcolini before heading for Brugge.
Brugge, rightly called the ‘Venice of the North’, was the surprise discovery of this trip. We had no plans, no idea of this place. Though, we later learnt it was one of the most popular tourist sites in Belgium, if not Europe. Went there on friend’s suggestion and were delighted by the charms of the old city. An old town refusing to adapt to modern times and still set in the pre-motorised times. No wonder the entire historic town centre is a UNESCO world heritage site. The people of Brugge have done everything to preserve the medieval city. Cosy little town, to spend a romantic weekend. Narrow cobblestone roads, horse drawn carriages, canals, boats, museums, cafes, beer and chocolate. The city centre can easily be explored on foot. Maps are available at the station and post offices. We walked all along the canal, enjoying the historic buildings and the chocolate shops all along the roads ☺. Now and then a carriage will pass you with a couple enjoying a romantic ride. Since it was a Saturday, the local flea market was also one of the major attractions. For evening, get comfortable in one of the cafes/restaurants at Market Square or Burg and enjoy some Belgium beer and performance at the square if the weather is good. We only had half a day to explore this beauty but Brugge has enough to fill more than a couple of days.

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2 thoughts on “Venice of the North

  1. Yeah, it’s really a great place, it’s looking great. Thanks.

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