Where is the sun!!

I had high hopes of maintaining an online travelogue during the Europe trip. But didn’t find any convenient internet terminal. Every place we went to had a free wifi but no terminal to use. Almost everyone carries a laptop these days. Anyway, now that we are back and have full access to the net the travel journey account would follow soon. It was quite an express trip, with just about 2 days at each city. We were on the train every other day, which is definitely not the way to go about a Europe trip. But then we tried to make best of the 10 days we had.
We left Edinburgh expecting to find some sunshine in the mainland, instead we found ourselves caught in the middle of a storm going through Europe. We carried no warm clothing except for the one we were wearing the day we left Edinburgh. So for the first few days in all our pictures we are in same sweater and jacket with the background scenery  changing ☺ The sun decided to show up now and then but overall the weather stayed quite wet until we reached Munich where after enjoying two bright sunny days we were on our way back home to be welcomed by the gusty winds and heavy rain. I found myself saying, “The one thing I would never miss about Scotland is the weather!”.

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