AmsterdamAmsterdam is a great place to come in summer/spring (as is most of Europe!). But March to May is the time when tulips are in full bloom and there is colour everywhere. Our first stop in Amsterdam was Keukenhof garden. They say it’s the most photographed spot in the world. I don’t know how one could measure that but yes it’s a paradise for photographers and wherever you turn, there are people clicking happily. Tulips in every colour and numerous arrangements. A tip about visiting Keukenhof; visit the garden early in the morning to avoid big queues at the ticket counter and also big crowds inside the garden. The garden is very big so keep atleast half a day for the trip. It’s big and it’s a maze (there are very few markers) where one can easily lose his/her way. From the time we decided to leave, it took us around 40 mins to find our way to the exit.
The city around this time is brimming with tourists. The best and the easiest way to get around Amsterdam is to rent a bike. The public transport is also very good though a bike is usually more quicker than the tram ☺. Rent a small boat or take a canal cruise on the lovely canals crisscrossing the city. Depending on how good the boat captain is you may learn a few interesting facts about the city, like every house has a furniture hook at top because since the staircases are so narrow when Amsterdammers move, the furniture goes in/out from the window or something like there is a very low fence all along the road to prevent cars falling into the canals but inspite of that 1 car finds it way into the water every week. ☺ Evening finds it’s way into one of the many coffeeshops around the city. Some snack, some Heineken and some street performance. And then as darkness falls, we move towards the red light district to kill the curiosity about the place. And how can we go from Amsterdam without trying a little of the Dutch grass! So Jimmy and me give it a try at one of the coffee shops there. After that it was party till early in the morning!
That was all we could fit into a day. Next day we woke up just in time to catch a quick lunch before leaving for Brussels.

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