Off we go..

“Explorers are we, intrepid and bold,
Out in the wild, amongst wonders untold.
Equipped with our wits, a map, and a snack,
We’re searching for fun and we’re on the right track!”

– Bill Watterson, The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

euro-trip How excited we were when we moved to Scotland last year. We thought we’ll explore Europe in our own time and not rush though it in a 15 days tour. But well looks like that is exactly what’s in store for us. We had made big plans of exploring each country one by one. It’s almost been a year here now and we haven’t even seen the island properly leave alone the mainland. We just couldn’t plan a vacation early enough to get a visa in time! Now when we need to pack up everything in a month’s time and leave, we wake up 🙂 Calls to different embassies to find out which country can give us a visa in a week’s time and then some quick random trip planning to show at the consulate. In the week that followed we booked our hostels, train tickets and explored a little on places to see and things to do. Finally, today we got our visa and we are off on our Euro-trip on thursday! I’ll try to post our stories as and when I get some net access!

Till then a happy journey to us and good bye to all..

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3 thoughts on “Off we go..

  1. saumya

    Hi Ashima, reading your blogs… and loving every word of it!

    • Ashima

      Thanks Saumya! Hope I am able to write more frequently. How are you doing?

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