5p for a bag..

I regularly volunteer at a local charity shop as a shop floor assistant. Very recently we started charging 5p for each carrier bag. Until now everytime I asked a customer after billing, if they wanted a bag, the answer was always a YES with a very few exceptions. But the 5p has magically made people find space in their own bags and those who don’t, remember to carry one on their future visits :). I guess we all need an incentive to do our bit to care for the environment.

Few more little things that we can do without much effort:
• Leave the ATM receipt in the machine. Receipts from ATM transactions are one of the biggest sources of waste.
• Use online statement facility for bank accounts, telephone bills, electricity bills and similar services that may be available online. A few service providers even give discounts/incentives to customers who opt for online statements.
• Don’t print it if you don’t need it. At offices where we have the luxury of a free printer, how often do we think twice before hitting Ctrl+P?
• Recycle. It may not be always convenient but make it a rule and you’ll feel better every time you drop that load off at the recycling centre.
• Donate old used items to local charities. Why throw things that others can use. Reduce the amount of garbage going into landfills. It takes 3-6 months for a cotton T-shirt to decompose in a landfill, which may become a new dress for a needful.

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